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VA - Defected presents FCL In The House [2015 / MP3 / 320] [House]

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Теги / Метки house, 2015
VA - Defected presents FCL In The House [2015 / MP3 / 320] [House]

Артист: VA
Название: Defected presents FCL In The House
Жанр: House
Год выхода: 2015
Label: Defected/ITH58D
О музыке: Defected presents FCL In The House is the first essential mix album of 2015, a two mix release of classic and contemporary house music, including cuts from Larry Heard, Bob Moses, Seven Davis Jr. and Audiojack, as well as a handful of FCL exclusives. FCL is the house project of Belgian DJ/producers San Soda and Red D, who, in 2012, released 'It's You', a club phenomenon that started life as a Panorama Bar inspired DJ tool and went on to be one of the biggest house tracks of 2013. This year's follow up 'Can We Try', alongside stunning remixes of Audiojack and Kele Okereke amongst others, proved similarly definitive, firmly placing FCL in the upper echelons of house music's elite. Split across two distinct mixes - one live and one constructed in the studio - Defected presents FCL In The House is the duo's first ever mix album, with both Red D and San Soda digging deep to deliver mixes indicative of their broad and discerning taste for quality house. "If there was one thing we always wanted to do as DJs, it was to be asked for a mix compilation in which we would get total (house) freedom" says Red D of putting the mix together. "We aimed for a DJ set filled with old and new tracks that you will want to come back to in 10 years' time". Kicking off with Bob Moses' deeply emotive 'All I Want', Red D's mix moves through the subdued, vocal-inflected acid of Credit 00 'Obsessed', Bushwacka!'s heady 'Healer' and Tomas' 'Mind Song' - a two decade-old Warp-released record that confirms D's aptitude for crate-digging. San Soda starts his studio mix with stunning deep vocal cuts from Larry Heard and Norken Deer, before progressing into tougher house territory with Underground Attorney 'Nothing Stays' and his own piano-led 'Birdies That Fly', before ending up with the brand new FCL track 'Behold', which was exclusively made for this compilation. In addition, the digital version of the release includes two more exclusive tracks; FCL featuring Lady Linn 'Can We Try' (Red D's Italian Dub) and Luv Jam 'Californian 'Freestyler' (Jacob Korn Remix 2), alongside a previously overlooked gem from FCL's We Play House Recordings catalogue, FCL 'Used To Be', also featuring the sultry Lady Linn on vocals.
01. Red D - Defected presents FCL In The House Live Mix
02. San Soda - Defected presents FCL In The House Studio Mix
03. Bob Moses - All I Want (Original Mix)
04. Kai Alce - Shut Your Eyes (Original Mix)
05. Paul Hannah - Key Follow (Original Mix)
06. Credit 00 - Obsessed (Original Mix)
07. Jacob Korn - Der Don (Original Mix)
08. Vince Watson - Mystical Rhythm (Original Mix)
09. Anthony Teasdale feat. Omid 16B - She Frowned He Smiled (Original Mix)
10. Tomas - Mind Song (Original Mix)
11. B Code - Feel Good (Verlanzi Mix)
12. Mudhen - Private Sexratery (Original Mix)
13. Jump Chico Slamm - Feel Free (Original Mix)
14. Lemakuhlar Red D - Is Limited (Original Mix)
15. Bushwacka - Healer (House Mix)
16. FCL feat. Lady Linn - Can We Try (Original Mix)
17. Larry Heard - Burning 4 You (Original Mix)
18. Norken Deer feat. Kayela - Shoot The Sun (Russ Gabriel Remix)
19. Boe Zak - Looking For Love (Original Mix)
20. JohNick - C'Mon Give It Up (Original Mix)
21. Mousse T - Ooh Song (Original Mix)
22. Sandmann Riverside feat. Jeremy Ellis - Into Your Story (Kai Alce DISTINCTIVE Remix)
23. Stacy Kidd feat. Peven Everett - How Bad I Want Ya (Radio Mix)
24. Underground Attorney - Nothing Stays (The Underground Mix)
25. Seven Davis Jr - One (Live Edit)
26. The Track Addicts - A Place Not 2 Far (Original Mix)
27. Audiojack feat. Kevin Knapp - Stay Glued (FCL Weemix)
28. FCL - Behold (Original Mix)
29. FCL feat. Lady Linn - Can We Try (Red Ds Italian Dub)
30. Luv Jam - Californian Freestyler (Jacob Korn Remix 2)
31. FCL - Used To Be (Original Mix)




Формат: MP3
Битрэйт: 320
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Загрузка / Обновление
Категория Музыка / Мультимедиа RSS лента
Добавлен (2 года, 4 месяца назад)
Просмотров 51 раз (a)
Взят 2 раз (a)
Файлы 32, 792.59 MB (831 086 596 байт)
Раздал ViKa  (Искать торренты)
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