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Carti de arhitectura [2008 / English] [Other]

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Теги / Метки other, 2008
Carti de arhitectura  [2008 / English] [Other]
Название: Carti de arhitectura
Автор: Editura Detail
Жанр: Other
Год выхода: 2008
Язык: English
О книге: In acest torent am pus 5 carti:
-Components and systems Modular construction-
Construction systems that have been reduced to the smallest possible number of identical elements have long been used by architects to build structures, as well as dismantle and change them as quickly, efficiently and economically as possible. Think of the architecture of the nomads, the John Paxton's Crystal Palace, or modern construction systems using steel, concrete and wood. Coupled with modern digital planning and production methods, modular precast construction systems, usable in multiple combinations, will play an increasingly important role in architecture in the future.
Components and Systems offers an in-depth and clearly organised presentation of various types of precast building components, including semi-finished products, open and closed systems, skeleton and panel construction and spatial cell constructions. The systems are accompanied by detailed drawings and colour photographs. Discussions of transporting and assembling the various systems round off the topic and make this book an indispensable practical companion.
-Housing for people of all ages- Christian Schittich-
Communal living, intergenerational living, living for families, handicap-accessible living, living and working, living and leisure time a?? the wide variety of current demands is shaping future concepts in housing, which will have to do justice to the needs of our increasingly multilayered society. The examples in this new volume in the In Detail series are correspondingly diverse. From the demand for stroller- and wheelchairaccessible housing through facilities that accommodate the needs of senior citizens all the way to the modernization of existing buildings, the selection of projects offers a panoramic overview. Organized thematically, In Detail: Integrated Housing highlights a variety of well-defined topics, such as handicap-accessibility and flexibility of use, and presents them together with explanatory technical articles and examples of realized projects. In closing, it provides addresses of information centers and associations as well as sources of additional information.
-Energy-Efficiency Upgrades-
Now that the Energy Certificate for Buildings has been introduced throughout the European Union, we can expect to see a sharp rise in the number of building renovations.This volume is a practical guide with concrete recommendations for realizing energy-related renovation measures it accompanies the planner from design to execution. All energy-related issues are treated according to their goals. Large-scale detail drawings document constructive solutions for removing structural weaknesses. An overview of installation engineering measures helps to evaluate possibilities, costs, and economic viability. The book uses realized projects to demonstrate that sustainable improvements cannot be achieved by energy-specific measures alone it is also important to consider the building as a whole. All of the examples are documented with a state analysis as well as a depiction and assessment of the measures taken.
-Semi-detached and terraced houses- Christian Schittich, ediura Detail GmbH Co. KG -
Semi-Detached and Terraced Houses and ribbon developments constitute an affordable alternative to the single-family house, especially for young families. In times of tight budgets and rising investment costs, they represent a sensible alternative to the freestanding single-family house, particularly in terms of their use of open space.
-New urban housing- hilary french-
After an introduction covering the recent development of the apartment block as an urban housing type, this books consists of four chapters devoted to recent examples of urban housing from around the world. The projects are selected for their ability to demonstrate an innovative architectural approach. Photographs, drawings and specially drawn site plans place each featured project in its surrounding context.

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