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Construction Manual - Architectural detailing book [2004 / English] [Science & Technics] Золотой торрент

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Теги / Метки science technics, 2004
Construction Manual - Architectural detailing book  [2004 / English] [Science & Technics]
Название: Construction Manual - Architectural detailing book
Автор: Detail GmbH Co. KG
Жанр: Science Technics
Год выхода: 2004
Язык: English
О книге: ...........................
001 Concrete Construction Manual
The Construction Manuals from Edition Detail are among the most important reference works in the specialist literature. The latest volume shows the potential of the material concrete and documents comprehensively the technical principles of using concrete in construction. Chapters cover the history of the material, the properties of concrete, reinforced concrete, and prestressed concrete, the treatment of its surface. Also covered are the basic principles of statics for large and small structures, and the building requirements with respect to heat, damp, sound-proofing and fire protection according to the most recent norms and standards.
Finally a large number of built examples are presented from illustrations of the complete structure down to detailed plans, showing the broad spectrum of applications for concrete in contemporary building. All plans have been specially produced by the editorial department Detail for this book and for ease of comparison, they have been drawn to the same scale.
002 Masonry Construction Manual
The Masonry Construction Manual examines the wide range of possibilities stone and brickwork offer in building. It documents in great detail the technical principles and methods of building with these materials, examines their properties, the sizes and forms of bricks and stones, the bonds, and the behaviour of stone and brickwork under stress. In addition, full information is provided on the requirements with respect to heat, damp, sound-proofing and fire protection, and the most recent standards and norms are listed.
003 Steel Construction Manual
Steel is one of the most versatile materials available in the construction industry and its many applications have enabled architects and engineers to go far beyond what was once considered possible. The second volume in this series documents all aspects of steel as a construction material. Just like the "Glass Construction Manual", this volume first looks at the historical development of building with steel. This is followed by several chapters which examine to a high degree of technical detail the physical properties of the material, the principles of construction using steel and the wide range of steel elements and their uses.
The final chapter presents 54 examples which illustrate the many applications of steel in construction - from simple halls to complex multistorey buildings. These examples were selected because of their innovative use of steel, demonstrating its great potential for minimising the materials and montage necessary. For ease of comparison all the plans have been drawn to the same scale.
The volume concludes with an extensive bibliography and a listing of the relevant norms and standards, making this work an essential reference for all architects and engineers.
004 Timber construction Manual
The functional efficiency of modern timber structures is still underestimated. A close collaboration between architects and engineers is necessary in this area – more so than in almost any other field of architecture. The aesthetic quality of exposed timber structures can have a great effect on the architectural form of a building, just as architectural design concepts have a major influence on the form of the structure. Both aspects are treated in depth in this comprehensive standard work.
More than 4,000 detail drawings
The main planning principles clearly presented – from building physics to fire protection
From simple beam construction to complex lattice shells
The wide range of structural systems in use is illustrated by more than 70 extensively documented examples
005 Glass Construction Manual
The Glass Construction Manual shows the wide range of applications for glass in architecture. It provides the basic technical principles for building with this modern and innovative material and presents a series of excellent detailed examples - from simple windows to entire glass buildings.
Energy saving with glass: tap the full potential of this building material
Point fittings and linear storage: All mounting options systematised
Coated, matt-finished, printed: Which treatment for which effect
Technology and aesthetics: We show details combining both
Standards and guidelines, statics and building physics, maintaining glass.
006 Roof Construction Manual
The Roof Construction Manual with over 1800 plans and 220 photographs is a vital reference work on the construction of pitched roofs. It offers extensive and fundamental information on all common types of roofing and provides practical details for their construction.
The volume is divided according to the type of roof elements and the jointing techniques. Thirteen kinds of roofs and the relevant materials including thatch, wood, slate, tile, concrete, fibrous cement, bitumen, glass, metal, membranes, and synthetic materials are documented. Also described in detail are essential topics such as ventilation, the vapour and wind seals, insulation and water drainage, and the topics of renovation and energy conservation are examined.
As with all the Construction Manuals, built examples illustrate the theoretical details. Some 38 examples which include 11 classic buildings and 27 buildings from the last 5 years show the construction of roofs paying particular attention to important features such as the ridge, hip, eaves, roof valley, verge, and penetration.
A compact presentation of the load-bearing structures and the physics necessary for roof construction in addition to the current norms and standards make this volume an indispensable standard work for all architects and engineers.
007 Facade Construction Manual
Today, the construction of the building shell is a greater challenge than ever for planners. As well as the diversity of functions that need to be performed, the specific properties and applications for the various materials play a crucial role in the design of the facade. The Facade Construction Manual is a compact reference work that covers the basic principles of planning alongside selected information on natural stone and claystone, glass, wood, plastic, concrete and metal. In addition, important aspects for facade planning in the 21st century are included, such as multiple skin facades made from glass, manipulator systems and solar technology. A comprehensive selection of example applications from around the world illustrates in detail the principles and innovations behind many solution approaches.
More than 100 design examples
Solution approaches for specific materials in facade planning
More than 250 detail drawings and approx. 400 illustrations
Basic principles of technical planning
Wood, glass, steel metal – “modern” materials for the building shell planning
Toate sunt de Detail GmbH Co. KG
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