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Example - #Hits

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Теги / Метки electronic, 2013
Артист: Example
Название: #Hits
Жанр: Electronic
Год выхода: 2013
Label: Ministry Of Sound
О музыке:
#Hits is thus exactly what is says on the tin, a sixteen track compilation of Examples most successful songs to date (alongside a few remixes) all collected on to one CD. Whether its the catchy hooks on Kickstarts and Changed The Way You Kissed Me or the electro-house vibes found in Watch The Sun Come Up, #Hits showcases the fundamentals in how to ride a commercial breakthrough. Having recently signed a multi-million dollar deal with Epic Records, this is Examples last release with Ministry of Sound and in a similar fashion to Biffy Clyros Singles 2001-2005
#Hits is the product of a label looking to squeeze the last bit of money out of a departing artist. Its fortunate for them therefore that this compilation is packed with chart smashing hits that are bound to attract dedicated fans and casual listeners alike in their hordes as summer fever continues to spread across the UK.
Thats not to say Example is a flawless artist however. With only one track from mediocre The Evolution of Man to be found on the compilation its also clear theres a heavy reliance upon his breakthrough record Wont Go Quietly to shift CDs off the shelves. The inclusion of three remixes and a VIP add a bit of variety to the tracklisting but on a musical level fail to excite unfortunately.
#Hits may be an unnecessary release, one that even Example has distanced himself from but its also a must-have for fans who dont already possess this charismatic artists music. Love him or loathe him, theres no denying Example knows how to write a hit though and #Hits is well worth throwing into the glove compartment of your car for a sunny day.

Buy release / http://www.amazon.co.uk/Hits-Example/dp/B00DP5K0SO


01. Changed The Way You Kiss Me (3:13)
02. Kickstarts (3:02)
03. Wel’ll Be Coming Back (Calvin Harris Feat. Example) (3:56)
04. Stay Awake (3:25)
05. Won’t Go Quitely (3:40)
06. Say Nothing (3:42)
07. Watch The Sun Come Up (3:24)
08. Natural Disaster (Laidback Luke Vs. Example) (5:06)
09. Midnight Run (4:00)
10. Playing In The Shadows (4:40)
11. Last Ones Standing (3:25)
12. Hooligans (Don Diablo Example) (VIP Mix) (3:37)
13. Watch The Sun Come Up (Moam Remix) (7:17)
14. Close Enemies (Jakob Liedholm Remix) (5:40)
15. Say Nothing (Hardwell Dannic Remix) (6:14)
16. Unorthodox (Wretch 32 Feat. Example) (3:06)


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