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Tone Of Arc - The Time Was Right

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Теги / Метки house, 2013
Артист: Tone Of Arc
Название: The Time Was Right
Жанр: House
Год выхода: 2013
Label: No.19 Music
О музыке:

Tone of Arc unleashes his stunning debut album on the world this spring in the shape of The Time Was Right, a genre defying LP that shines with the raw talent of its multi-instrumentalist producer. Tone of Arc has been generating a lot of excitement since joining forces with the red hot No.19 Music early last year. A string of highly anticipated live performances at Social Experiment parties in New York, Miami, London, Berlin and beyond have given birth to a reputation as one of the most exciting performers around, whilst singles, Shaking the Sky Goodbye Horses have given a tantalizing glimpse into the raw musical talent of singer/song writer Derrick Boyd partner Zoe Presnick. Boyd is no stranger to the music industry having already scored success with his Dead Seal project but it seems his pairing with Presnick and his bond with Jonny White and the No.19 crew has brought a fresh intensity to his work, allowing him to marry his passion for songwriting with his unbridled talent as a musician and performer. The product of all this is the wonderful The Time Was Right, an album that finally opens the doors onto the musical soul of Tone of Arc, allowing all to see what they are truly capable of. The album comprises eleven tracks and opens with the beautifully funk laden Surrender, an expansive and uplifting cut that brings together lo-fi vocals with raw sounding drums and instrumentation to an instant vibe. The low slung excellence of Love Kissed follows, with its bass driven groove giving a perfect soundbed to Boyd and Presnicks polar opposed vocal performances, this gives way to Chalk Hill, a Clash inspired piece of brilliance and onto the superbly ethereal Lost in the Machine. Where you Belong steps up next, a richly layered song built around a prominent live bass line and Boyds vocals that clearly showcases the depth of his production talents, this is followed by the simply brilliant cover version of 1987 hit Goodbye Horses which was released as a single last year. People sees Tone of Arc journey into more electronic territory with its electro inspired vocoded vocals whilst title track The Time Was Right has a heartwarming atmosphere generated by its marriage of intense synths and bold melodies. The album takes a psychedelic turn with the stunning Hardly Standing, a guitar driven masterpiece, before veering into the beautiful and hypnotic Sound Sail with Zoe Presnick taking the vocal lead. Finally the LP is closed with the inspiring Leftfield, a record that ties in Tone of Arcs House music connections with this emotive and heartfelt final opus. Tone of Arc has delivered a debut LP that is far beyond the reach of anyones expectations and in doing so has positioned No.19 Music as a label that defies classification and is seemlingly capable of anything. The Time Was Right is a simply stunning record that is not to be missed.


01. Surrender (05:21)
02. Love Kissed (04:53)
03. Chalk Hill (05:24)
04. Lost In The Machine (04:02)
05. Where You Belong (04:50)
06. Goodbye Horses (06:46)
07. People At The Door (03:56)
08. The Time Was Right (04:40)
09. Hardly Standing (04:24)
10. Sound Sail (05:47)
11. Left Field (05:13)

Tune Of Arc



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Битрэйт: 320
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