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Marcello Giordani - Respect Yourself [2013 / FLAC / 1411 (VBR)] [House]

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Теги / Метки house, 2013
Marcello Giordani - Respect Yourself [2013 / FLAC / 1411 (VBR)] [House]

Артист: Marcello Giordani
Название: Respect Yourself
Жанр: House
Год выхода: 2013
Label: Endless Flight (Japan)
О музыке: its not always good to make music and to know to much about it. some folks all their knowledge into their creation and forget the soul while doing it. the italian producer, dj, and devoted record collector marcello giordani does not belong to those kind of fellows. he feels what he is doing and he never thinks to much about his various artistic expressions. its said he bought his first record down in 1988. his premiere in the dj booth was 1992 when he started to play house records in the clubs nearby his hometown parma. later he held a residency at a party called les folies de pigalle hailed as on of the best house nights in italy around the mid nineties. around that time one of his greatest fan affairs been new yorks house duo masters at work - until 1999 when he discovered metro area and his taste shifted from pure house to electronic disco. already in 1994 he started to produce but it took him till the middle of the last decade when his career embarked as a notorious record producer that is dancing between deep house, cosmic disco, and italo. ever since his tracks been released on labels like dirt crews players paradise, boogiefarm, slow motion disco from italy,mule musiq, endless flight, and his own imprint italo deviance records. in addition to his own productions he also gained international applause for super sharp edits solo and as part of the duo marvin guy that been famed for their keep on ep on lets get lost. as if that werent enough marcello giordani runs since 2008 his own blog www.italodeviance.com
- a place in the infinite web space where he uploaded thousands of long forgotton curiosities out of the mostly italian obscure disco, cosmic, and, funk universe, as well as posts about his latest contemporary dance music favs. beside blogging and making music in his small studio that is filled with analog vintage synths like a roland juno 106, yamaha dx7, or a korg poly 800 he collects records like crazy and confesses that he can't stay more than three days without diggin! his collection contains more then 12.000 vinlys that stylistically long from disco, funk, boogie, and italo to soul, cosmic, house, and jazz. a variety of tastes that invade his music and thrilling dj sets in order to widen them into something unique and special. if you want to get the full flavor of his genre hopping dj flow you have to visit one of his sweaty appartment parties in parma a disco bash full of demanding dancers that groove to everything that he serves. here is the place where the handsome italian let his heart and taste free wheeling and where he tests his latest productions to explore if they really set the dancefloor on fire. as a forerunner of things to come he released last september his latest first-class disco house ep comin down on endless flight. now he s his debut longplayer respect yourself that features some older and some brand-new material in a hard to resist story arc. in terms of style the album swings between disco, boogie, and deep house all heartfelt composed by a man that needs to feel what he does. ten tracks full of charming samples, melodies to die for, and soft but demanding basslines. there is a gentle eigthies feel in many of them that sounds like a romantic flashback that is heading into the future. sometimes his house gets moody and percussions fly around magic female vocal loops. his acid is soft, his chords are soul-stirring, piano melodies drift around, and at times strings spread romantic emotions. you can hear and feel that all his musical ideas and his samples emerged out of long vinyl listening sessions in which he found those special pieces and atmospheres that make his tracks extra deep. if you ask marcello giordani if there is any icon with whom he would like to spend a night partying he answers: ron hardy. a good place to celebrate this special night would be the legendary club muzic box in chicago, where hardy developed house music and where respect yourself definitely would call the tune too.


01 Stand By 6:18
02 Into My Life 6:57
03 Right Now 6:13
04 The Song Of God 6:33
05 Respect Yourself 6:42
06 A Touch Of '83 6:35
07 One Day 6:49
08 God Given 7:24
09 Comin' Down 6:24
10 You Treat Me Right 6:03




Формат: FLAC
Битрэйт: 1411
vbr: Да
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