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VA - Silk Remixed 03

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Теги / Метки electronic, 2013
Артист: VA
Название: Silk Remixed 03
Жанр: Electronic
Год выхода: 2013
Label: Silk Royal Records
О музыке:

Silk Royal is thrilled to present Silk Remixed 03, the third installment of the annual series, featuring various veteran talents and rising stars in progressive. Three of the tracks included in the compilation were first "previewed" on April's Silk Royal Showcase 03 compilation, while three others (remixes by Terry Da Libra, Dave Cortex, and eleven.five) are completely new. All six cuts are now available for the first time as full, DJ-friendly versions. Kicking off the compilation is Dan and Sam's celestially-inspired remix of Gregory Esayan's "Innerspace," which was initially featured as the anthemic opener of Silk Royal Showcase 03 (Part One). This tremendously talented duo, hailing from the USA and Australia, continue to demonstrate their penchant for chunky grooves and "classic" progressive arrangements, including ethereal and truly breathtaking breakdowns. Next up is standout label talent Aleksey Yakovlev, who contributes a stunning new interpretation of PROFF's "Starstruck." One of Silk Royal's very first releases, Yakovlev's rendering is a true homage to the golden age of progressive, a genre to which his native Russia has contributed greatly over the years. Celebrated Greek artist Terry Da Libra has chosen to rework another back catalogue favorite: Schodt and Sundriver feat. Aida Fenhel's "Here With Me." Terry's new version is infused with a driving, layered lead, all-the-while maintaining the original's radiant and seductive energy. The euphoric, stadium-filling in this one is one of the highlights of the entire release. Aleksey Yakovlev's second contribution is a new remix of Olaen, originally produced by Argentinian label fixture Airdraw. In a similar vein as Terry's take, this track is centered on a newly envisaged stormy and layered bass, as the gorgeous motifs from the original soar overhead. American veteran producer-DJ Dave Cortex, who has contributed to all three editions of Silk Remixed, returns with a characteristically funky and dancefloor-oriented rendering of Peter Illias's "Let Me Be." Joined on this one by recent collaborator Josh Harnois, Cortex delivers another memorable groove, which combines beautifully with various disco-flavored samples and evocative vocal effects. Last but not least, currently one of most supported artists on international progressive and trance radio, American talent eleven.five provides a deep and introspective rendering of Justin Oh's "Good Morning." He has chosen to include some of the vocal samples from the original; otherwise, the track is completely reworked, including new lead melodies and a flirtatious, after-hours groove.


01. Gregory Esayan, DAN SAM - Innerspace (Dan Sam Intro Mix) [00:08:36]
02. PROFF - Starstruck (Aleksey Yakovlev Remix) [00:08:50]
03. Sundriver, Schodt - Here With Me Feat. Aida Fenhel (Terry Da Libra Remix) [00:08:27]
04. Airdraw - Olaen (Aleksey Yakovlev Remix) [00:09:10]
05. Peter Illias - Let Me Be (Dave Cortex Josh Harnois Remix) [00:06:55]
06. Justin Oh - Good Morning (eleven.five Remix) [00:06:46]


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Битрэйт: 320
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