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VA - Raveline Mix Session By Florian Meindl

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Теги / Метки techno, 2013
Артист: VA
Название: Raveline Mix Session By Florian Meindl
Жанр: Techno
Год выхода: 2013
Florian Meindl is a DJ, producer and sound designer. In addition to numerous collaborations with international artists, he is busy with producing remixes (for Ryksopp, Hot Chip), running his label FLASH Recordings and composing new music. He also writes articles about music production in magazines like FutureMusic and does loops sample bundles for his own brand Riemann Kollektion and Samplemagic. Till now his productions have been released on labels such as Trapez, Stil vor Talent, Resopal, Herzblut and Kling Klong.If you ask the 26 years old musician about the origin of his exceptional career, he will describe it as an early identification with electronic music which occurred in a small village in beautiful Upper Austria. He sees himself as an artist who is passing this message on to a new generation.The collaboration with Oliver Koletzki, founder and owner of Stil vor Talent, was certainly an important milestone. Both generated trend-setting productions from which some of the current club tunes and hits emerged. Meindl's Solo E.P. Sputnik is his standard release, one of the essentials of a new minimal style, as is Blast which has just been remixed by Format:B for the100th release on Trapez. All in all, Meindl has released more than 100 tracks in very different genres during the course of his young musical development.After prolonged stays in London Meindl, having adopted Berlin as his home, finally made to move to Berlin in 2009. Here he found the stage for further developing his music. From his new home-base he tours the world's top clubs, because apart from the exceptional variety of his very own musical style both in music production and composition, he is known more than anything else for his precision in creating driving and diversified DJ sets. Florian Meindl is certainly one of the most interesting representatives of the next generation of electronic music producers his first artist album is in progress featuring a variety of singers and musicians. But for now, enjoy his fantastic Raveline Mix Session with 27 tracks, including some exclusive material.

Label: DJ Series
Cat.nr: DJS061INT
Date: 2013-05-03


01. Raveline (continuous DJ mix by Florian Meindl) (114:59)
02. Florian Meindl - Night Hawk (06:45)
03. Mindgamers - Once Again (Florian Meindl Shitakusa remix) (06:27)
04. Mark Reeve - With Us (07:48)
05. Bart Skils - New Ground (06:36)
06. Truncate - Transients (version 1) (06:35)
07. Florian Meindl - What Is Techno (Shadow Dancer remix) (05:46)
08. The Welderz - Arlequin (07:01)
09. Martin Landsky - 1000 Miles (Laurent Garnier remix) (06:37)
10. Tiefschwarz - Hurricane (feat Jaw - Re You remix) (07:29)
11. Florian Meindl - High From The Music (08:02)
12. Pig Dan - Lone Ranger (Coyu remix) (06:57)
13. Dema Paride Saraceni - Phat Off (07:08)
14. Phil Weeks - All Day Every Day (acappella) (02:35)
15. Psyk - Track 3 (05:29)
16. Macromism - Break The Cage (06:51)
17. Wehbba - Common Ground (08:12)
18. Steve Lawler - Distrait (Kaiserdisco remix) (06:50)
19. Dema - Arizona (07:12)
20. Electric Rescue Eric Tarlouf - Infected (Kiko remix) (07:17)
21. Florian Meindl - Good Times (Sasha Carassi remix) (07:10)
22. Cr3s - Animodular (Florian Meindl remix) (07:03)
23. Heron - Automower (09:09)
24. Florian Meindl - Get Down (Pierre Delort Remy Maurin remix) (06:08)
25. Pierre Delort Remy Maurin - Blaise Cyprilex (06:37)
26. Florian Meindl - Desert Falcon (06:43)
27. Piemont - Running Mirror (Salz remix) (06:47)
28. Echo:Met - The Rain Dance (06:07)


Формат: FLAC
Битрэйт: 1411
vbr: Да
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