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Afrika Bambaataa - Discography [1983-2009 / MP3 / 192 (VBR)] [Hip-Hop]

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Теги / Метки hip-hop, 1983
Afrika Bambaataa - Discography [1983-2009 / MP3 / 192 (VBR)] [Hip-Hop]

Артист: Afrika Bambaataa
Название: Discography
Жанр: Hip-Hop
Год выхода: 1983-2009
О музыке:

Afrika Bambaataa (born April 19, 1960) is an American DJ from the South Bronx, New York who was instrumental in the early development of hip hop throughout the 1980s. Afrika Bambaataa is one of the three originators of break-beat deejaying,and is respectfully known as the "Grandfather" and "Godfather" and The Amen Ra of Universal Hip Hop Culture as well as The Father of The Electro Funk Sound. Through his co-opting of the street gang the Black Spades into the music and culture-oriented Universal Zulu Nation, he is responsible for spreading hip hop culture throughout the world. On September 27, 2007, he was nominated for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.Afrika Bambaataa grew up in the Bronx River Projects, with an activist mother and uncle. As a child, he was exposed to the black liberation movement, and witnessed debates between his mother and uncle regarding the conflicting ideologies in the movement. He was exposed to his mother's extensive and eclectic record collection. Gangs in the area became the law in the absence of law, clearing their turf of drug dealers, assisting with community health programs and both fighting and partying to keep members and turf.From the mid-1990s, Bambaataa returned to his electro roots, collaborating with WestBam (who was named after him) which culminated in the 2004 album Dark Matter Moving at the Speed of Light which featured Gary Numan and many others. In 2000, Rage Against the Machine covered Afrika's song "Renegades of Funk" for their album, Renegades. The same year, Bambaataa collaborated with Leftfield on the song "Afrika Shox", the first single from Leftfield's Rhythm and Stealth. "Afrika Shox" is also popularly known from the soundtrack to Vanilla Sky. In 2006, he was featured on the British singer Jamelia's album Walk With Me on a song called "Do Me Right", and on Mekon's album Some Thing Came Up, on the track "D-Funktional". Bambaataa performed the lyrics on the track "Is There Anybody Out There" by The Bassheads (Desa Basshead). As an actor, he has played a variety of voice-over character roles on Kung Faux.

Bambaataa was a judge for the 6th annual Independent Music Awards to support independent artists' careers. On September 27, 2007, it was announced that Afrika Bambaataa was one of the nine nominees for the 2008 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductions.On December 22, 2007, he made a surprise appearance performing at the First Annual Tribute Fit For the King of King Records, Mr. Dynamite James Brown in Covington, Kentucky. Bambaataa was a founding member of the Bronx River Projects-area street gang The Savage Seven. Due to the explosive growth of the gang, it later became known as the Black Spades, and Bambaataa quickly rose to the position of warlord. As warlord, it was his job to build ranks and expand the turf of the Black Spades. Bambaataa was not afraid to cross turfs to forge relationships with other gang members, and with other gangs. As a result, the Spades became the biggest gang in the city in terms of both membership and turf.

After Bambaataa won an essay contest that earned him a trip to Africa, his worldview shifted. He had seen the movie Zulu and was impressed with the solidarity exhibited by the Zulu in that film. During his trip to Africa, the communities he visited inspired him to stop the violence and create a community in his own neighborhood. He changed his name to Afrika Bambaataa Aasim, adopting the name of the Zulu chief Bhambatha, who led an armed rebellion against unfair economic practices in early 20th century South Africa that can be seen as a precursor to the anti-apartheid movement. He told people that his name was Zulu for "affectionate leader". A young Afrika Bambaataa began to think about how he could turn his turf-building skills to peacemaking. He formed the "Bronx River Organization" as an alternative to the Black Spades.



Albums & EP's

(1983) - Shango Funk Theology (192 kbps)

(1984) - Unity (with James Brown) (256 kbps)

(1986) - Beware (The Funk Is Everywhere) (320 kbps)

(1986) - Planet Rock (320 kbps)

(1988) - The Light (VBR)

(1992) - Don't Stop... Planet Rock (The Remix EP) (with Soulsonic Force) (VBR)

(1992) - Time Zone - Thy Will 'B' Funk (192 kbps)

(1996) - Khayan & The New World Power - Jazzin' (320 kbps)

(1996) - Lost Generation (with Soulsonic Force) (320 kbps)

(1996) - Time Zone - Warlocks And Witches, Computer Chips, Microchips And You (VBR)

(1998) - Zulu Nation War Chant (192 kbps)

(1999) - Return To The Planet Rock (VBR)

(2004) - Dark Matter Moving At The Speed Of Light (320 kbps)

(2004) - The Dance Album (VBR)

[u] Compilation's

(1987) - Death Mix Throwdown (VBR)

(1996) - Death Mix Live! (VBR)

(1997) - Zulu Groove (160 kbps)

(1999) - Electro Funk Breakdown (320 kbps)

(2001) - Looking For The Perfect Beat 1980-1985 (320 kbps)

[u] Single's

[b] Tracklist:

01 Looking For The Perfect Beat (Vocal)
02 Bonus Beats II
03 Looking For The Perfect Beat (Instrumental)
04 Bonus Beats

(1983) - Planet Rock (320 kbps)

(1984) - Frantic Situation (with Shango) (192 kbps)

(1984) -Renegades Of Funk (320 kbps)

(1984) - Time Zone - World Destruction (VBR)

(1985) - Funk You (VBR)

(1986) - Bambaataa's Theme / Tension (VBR)

(1988) - Reckless (feat. UB40) (320 kbps)

(1990) - Just Get Up And Dance (256 kbps)

(1993) - Feeling Irie (192 kbps)

(1994) - Pupunanny (192 kbps)

(1994) - Time Zone - What's The Name Of This?... Zulu! (VBR)

(1995) - Khayan & The New World Power - Feel The Vibe (320 kbps)

(1995) - Just Get Up And Dance ('95 Explosive Remix) (192 kbps)

(1995) - Just Get Up And Dance ('95 Summer Remix) (192 kbps)

(1996) - Khayan & The New World Power - Bell-E 2 Bell-E (320 kbps)

(1998) - IFO - Agharta (The City Of Shamballa) (with Westbam) (VBR)

(1998) - Got To Get Up (feat. Carpe Diem) (192 kbps)

(1999) - Afrika Shox (with Leftfield) (320 kbps)

(1999) - Khayan & The New World Power - You Ask For The Moon (192 kbps)

(2004) - Got That Vibe (VBR)

(2004) - Metal (VBR)

(2009) - Mind Control (320 kbps)


Формат: MP3
Битрэйт: 192
vbr: Да
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